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Band Interview Questions

#1.: What type of band are you?~

Answer: Metal

#2. : Tell us the brief history of your band.~

Answer: Wrath was started by Gary Modica and Mike Nyrkannen back in 1982. Several lineup changes brought guitarist Scott Nyquist, vocalist Gary Golwitzer, and drummer Rick Rios into the fold, and the band realized playing original music was the way to go. “Fit Of Anger” was released on King Klassic Records in 1985, “Nothing To Fear” on Medusa/Enigma Records in 1987, WRATH were on the soundtrack for “Leatherface – Texas Chainsaw Massacre III” in 1989, and “Insane Society” on Medusa/Enigma in 1990. WRATH reformed with vocalist John Duffey in 2006, and released “WRATH –Ep” in 2008. Currently WRATH are preparing the final touches on a their 5th studio album (yet untitled) with the lineup of Gary Modica –bass, Scott Nyquist – guitar, Rob Noon – guitar, Patt Maxwell – drums, and new vocalist Scott Matrise.

#3. : Who are your musical and non-musical influences?~

Answer: 80’s heavy music (not hair metal, real metal) such as NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) bands like Iron Maiden, Saxon, and Motorhead, plus American bands like Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer, and Megadeth were all influences.

#4. : What are your dreams and goals?~

Answer: To do what we love to do: write, record, perform, and stay relevant.

#5. : Who writes the songs, what are they about?~

Answer: All of us have a hand in the music at some point or another. We start with a riff, or a series of riffs, and let the vibe and feel come naturally. As of now, Scott Matrise writes most of the lyrics, but he’s open to others’ input, and we all work together and play nice!

#6. : What’s your opinion of Politics?~

Answer: No comment. Musicians are great minds, but political opinions belong in just that…musicians’ minds!

#7. : How do you promote your band and shows?~

Answer: We tend to go the old school route, and flyer windshields, hang posters, etc. Also social media web sites have helped immensely in advertising shows. Word of mouth is still the best form of promotion though.

#8.: Describe your show, visual and musically~

Answer: I can tell you what we see from our view: Five musicians who really give a great deal of effort to make sure the audience captures the whole vibe and feel of each and every song. We take pride in our music and the “hooks” that make them memorable, and we try to convey that to anyone willing to come to a show. When the connection is made, it is quite surreal. You feel as though you successfully completed your mission.

#9. : What do you think about downloading music online?~

Answer: If that is the way a fan can reach our music, and share it, we are ok with it. There is no real method to making money from record sales in the metal business, so if this allows more fans to be exposed to our songs, so be it!

#10. : What’s your outlook on the record industry today?~

Answer: The record industry as we knew it is over. We were fortunate back in the day to never have had to pay for the making of our records, videos, or  tours. We actually received nice advances to complete the projects, and that was how it was. Now, bands pretty much make the record, sign it over to a label, and reap any rewards from touring. That is it. Touring, merchandise, and the such are the only means of getting paid now. How absolutely sad is that?

#11. : What’s your claim to fame?~

Answer: The above statement. Signing with Medusa/Enigma, who was distributed through Capitol Records, allowed us to achieve four albums, two music videos that saw heavy rotation on MTV’s Headbangers Ball, and to tour with great bands like Death (RIP Chuck), Testament, Raven, Dr. Know, and share stages with Saxon, Pantera, Death Angel, Dark Angel, Forbidden, Realm, Amulance, Tyrants Reign, and many, many others.

#12. : Tell us a story about a day in your life.~

Answer: No, too boring.

#13. : What inspires you to do what you do?~

Answer: We love the music we write, and we write the music for ourselves. That’s the only way we roll. So when people come to our shows and they “get it”, it makes all the effort worth it. THAT is inspiring.

#14. : What advice would you give to fellow bands?~

Answer: The above statement. D not try to be something you are not. Do what you do, and do it well. Also, try to find musicians who work well together. Chemistry between members is everything. No one wants to work with someone who is miserable and hates everything.

#15.  :What are some of your pet peeves?~

Answer: Working with someone who is miserable and hates everything. Also, drummers who play out of time. Meter is everything to me and my bandmates.

#16. : How does music affect you and the world around you?~

Answer: It gets us through the day. Look, there is enough doom and gloom in our world. Without music, we’d probably all be committed. With music, we can handle anything that comes our way.

#17. : What’s new in the recording of your music?~

Answer: Our new record should be out in early 2013. It’s is quite a collection of some of the best music we have ever written. We are stoked to unleash it on the masses.

#18. : What are the biggest obstacles for bands?~

Answer: People. People promise the world, and rarely deliver. People try to steer you, and always steer you wrong. One of the biggest failures in the music industry today is the concept of PAY TO PLAY. Whoever thought that was a good idea should be shot. It has watered the talent down so much that people are reluctant to go out to clubs anymore. All they are gonna see is some crappy band who paid a promoter $$$$$ to get on a bill. Karma’s a bitch. Those who take advantage of bands are gonna get theirs!

#19. : What’s the best and worst thing about playing clubs?~

Answer: The best thing is playing intimately in front of your fans. They are right in your face. The worst thing is the clubs and promoters. Most just shit on bands, and treat them like crap. The ones who do it right don’t have to worry about attendance. They know their club is gonna be full.

#20. : Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there.~

Answer: We don’t have anything booked right now, and that was intentional. We have to finish this new record we have been talking about for way too long now!  I can say that spring 2013 is going to be a very busy and exciting time for the WRATH camp!