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Soul Shaker

From different parts of the Milwaukee/Kenosha area, the members of SOUL SHAKER have come together for the love of playing! Each of these musicians has been in a ton of bands (it’s an addiction). And if some of them look familiar, yes, you’ve probably seen them before – but together they’re the incomparable SOUL SHAKER Ranging from heavy power rock to Old school 80’s.  Aerosmith, Guns And Roses, Bang Tango, Jake E Lee, Hanoi Rocks, L. A. Guns, Buck Cherry, Led Zepplin , Rod Stewert, Rolling Stones, Skid Row, Motley Crue, Koffin Katts, Dark New Day, Sublime , Ect, Ect

SOUL SHAKER has five very talented members

Brian Bezotte~Vocals
Kenny Pecha~Drums
Tommy Gott~Lead Guitar~vocals
Vernon Voss~Lead Guitar~vocals
Eddie Shredd Morris~Bass~vocals

So if you want to see a High Energy rock band this is the band to see. To see where they will be playing next , you can check them out at

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Soul Shaker 2-26-2011 at The Legendary Brat Stop

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