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Live Chicago Music Does Sound!


Punch Box


Catch us if you can!!
Punch Box is rocking through the Midwest! Punch Box is gonna tear up the stage! Punch Box wants to party with you! Cmon out! get PUNCHed!
Definably a Rock foundation with old school roots in Punk. Hypnotizing lyrics, shredding guitar, bombastic drumming Thunder Funk Bass. No foolin’ All original This is the real deal! You may have seen these cats playing around Chicago lately. if ya have’nt yet.. don’t miss out!! Catch em if you can!!!
Band Interests
Guitars, amps, drums, sound boards, gigs, Ibanez, Mesa / Boogie, Marshall, Bag End, Peavey, Gretsch, Shure, Boss, Digitech, JJ/Tesla, British Audio, just to name a few! Hot summer days, Cool summer nights. Scooby the Boxer. Sam Adams. Two buck Chuck. Loud in your face ROCK!
Artists We Also Like
Marley Zappa Sublime Pretenders Yellowman Killers Beatles Specials Madness JimmyCliff, Joe Satriani, Randy Rhoads, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Iggy Pop, Cheap Trick, VampireWeekend, RoxyMusic


Mark Perreault Lead Guitar, Mike Arnott, Bass Guitar Jeff Finn Drums Dawn Perreault Vocals

check them out right here on Live Chicago Music

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