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80’s Proof

Band Interview Questions

#1. : What type of band are you?~

Answer: 80’s Proof is one of the PREMIER 80’s Hairband tributes touring the Midwestern United States and beyond on the road today. Performing monster hits by such great bands as Motley Crue, Poison, Bon Jovi, Journey, Kiss, Def Leppard, Gun’s N’ Roses, Ozzy Osbourne, etc…

#2. : Tell us the brief history of your band.~

Answer: Back in 2006, original members, Bobby Dull and Phill Slate, both former original members of another 80’s tribute band that was very popular at the time, decided to part ways with that band and start their own project due to some personal differences with the other two members. 80’s Proof was the lovechild that came of that split. The search for a lead vocalist that had the right look, talent and drive was on… Enter Scotty Von Blazin. Scotty was singing for a couple other local bands at the time called Gearhead and Agent 86. When approached with the idea of fronting an 80’s band with the talent of Phill and Bob behind it, Scotty jumped at the opportunity. Lastly, after auditioning many bassists for weeks, we finally found Mark Slaughtered. The band rehearsed the show for about six solid months before playing our first show. This would prove to be our first and last with this line-up. Shortly after this show, our guitarist, Bob, suffered a stroke which was caused by a surgery that had some unforeseen complications. As a result, Bob was unable to perform with the band while focusing on recovery. During that time, the band was on hiatus for about six more months while searching for a replacement guitarist. We went through about five players before we found our old friend and virtuoso guitarist Scott Bombed. There have been several personnel changes over the years, but the band has always had at least two of the founding members at any given time in its history. Current line-up has been the same for about two years now which is Scotty Von Blazin (Vocals & Acoustic Guitar), Phill Slate (Drums), Scott Bombed (Guitars & Backing Vocals), Mark Slaughtered (Bass & Backing Vocals).
#3. : Who are your musical and non-musical influences?~

Answer: I think the music we play speaks for itself on who our influences are.

#4. : What are your dreams and goals?~

Answer: 80’s Proof has the goal of providing the most entertaining spectacle of lights, sounds and sights of what we feel is the greatest era of music that the world has ever know, the decade of decadence that was the 80’s.

#5. : Who writes the songs, what are they about?~

Answer: We’re a tribute band, so this question doesn’t really apply to us.

#6. : What’s your opinion of Politics?~


#7. : How do you promote your band and shows?~

Answer: We promote our shows heavily on our website and other social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, etc… We also rely on word of mouth by our fans and the clubs/venues that we perform shows at. Every now and then we do live spots on TV, radio and interviews with local journaists such as yourselves J

#8. : Describe your show, visual and musically~

Answer: Hmmm… Take a trip back to California’s Sunset Strip circa 1980-1992. We want our shows to be as visually exciting as the real thing. We authentically re-create all the sights, sound and look of the 80’s Hairband scene. The tall hair, aquanet, ripped jeans, leather, smoke, screaming guitars, thundering drums and powerful vocals.
#9. : What do you think about downloading music online?~

Answer: What took it so long? It’s the only way we get our music these days. We love it!

#10. : What’s your outlook on the record industry today?~

Answer: What’s a record? Just kidding. I think that the record industry needs to be better about getting entire albums out to the masses by offering the single songs at a higher price and then discounting them if you buy the entire album in this age of downloading. Too many bands suffer because the people only buy the “popular” song(s). You’d be really surprised by how much great music there is on an album if you give it a listen in most cases.

#11. : What’s your claim to fame?~

Answer: We have all been in top drawing bands throughout the Chicagoland area over the course of our careers. 80’s Proof is no exception. We’ve also had the opportunity to perform with famous national acts and celebrities such as Bret Michaels of Poison, which you can view video of on YouTube or our website, Vince Neil of Motley Crue, Steven Pearcy of Ratt, Firehouse and Winger to name a few.

#12. : Tell us a story about a day in your life.~

Answer: A typical day for us consists of sleeping during the day. Waking up to start packing our bags with everything we’ll need for the show that night. We all meet at our rehearsal studio and load our equipment into our trailer, then hop in our van and head to the gig. Load in is usually around 7:00pm. Sound check is usually around 8:00pm or 9:00pm and once complete we’ll head to the dressing room and getting ready for the show. We laugh and joke about various different things and have a cocktail or three before hitting the stage anytime between 10:00pm and 11:00pm depending on the venue. Show usually ends sometime around 2:00am and then we and our roadies begin the unpopular task of tearing down all the equipment and re-loading it into our trailer. We are usually back at the hotel or our own beds at our houses sometime around 4:00am.

#13. : What inspires you to do what you do?~

Answer: It ain’t fortune and fame. LOL! Well maybe a little fame, but mostly just a love of the music and a passion to perform. Our fans are awesome and VERY loyal to us and the era of music that we perform. We also like life on the road. It’s like being back in college in a fraternity when we’re all together.

#14. : What advice would you give to fellow bands?~

Answer: Practice, refine your show and above all, be yourselves and have fun! Hard work will get you far, but just having fun and making the most of the experience is the most important part to being successful.

#15.  :What are some of your pet peeves?~

Answer: We hate it when people are ignorant. We see at least one at every show. There seems to always be at least one person, usually a guy, who thinks he’s funny or cooler than we are. He’ll make some asinine comment or yell something stupid to try to insult the band in-between songs. We’re always like “If you don’t like what we stand for, or what we’re doing, then why are you here?” Go somewhere else and be a douche’. We’re here for a good time!

#16. : How does music affect you and the world around you?~

Answer: We live for our shows and I think you’d agree with the if you were to attend one of our shows. We put 100% into every show and want people leaving one of our shows saying “That was the best $5.00 bucks I’ve ever spent in my life!”.

#17. : What’s new in the recording of your music?~

Answer: N/A

#18. : What are the biggest obstacles for bands?~

Answer: In the Chicago cover band scene, there are two things that are obstacles for any band. The first is the sheer over-abundance of cover bands. There are so many bands out there trying to gain your loyalty and following that it makes it hard to stand out. That’s why we try to be over the top and bring maximum value with our stage show as well as the music every time we step on stage. The other is not being able to get in to certain venues until you reach a certain level of crowd drawing ability. This is a double edged sword though cause if you can get in to these larger clubs, you build your following faster, but you can’t get in unless you know the right people or you become big enough to draw attention to your band, where they can’t ignore you and want you in their venue.

#19. : What’s the best and worst thing about playing clubs?~

Answer: Meeting new fans and hanging out with all our fans new and old is the best thing in our opinion. The worst is when a club expects the band to do all the promoting and doesn’t help you to build the room. It usually takes 2-3 shows in any given room to build the draw. Clubs all want instant gratification and it just doesn’t work like that.

#20. : Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there.~

Answer: All I can say is our shows are a spectacle not to be spoken about, but observed in a live setting. If you love the 80’s Hairbands (and who doesn’t?) then you won’t be disappointed with an 80’s Proof show. For more information, please check us out on our website at, on Facebook, you can “LIKE” us at and you can follow us on Twitter at

We appreciate all our fans and live by the motto of: “Without our fans, we’d just be playing with ourselves!”


Hope to see you at the next show near you….

Much love,

80’s Proof